My yoga journey

In 2015, I was managing marketing within a shrinking print media business. I was burnt out, my anxiety was at an all-time high and I simply couldn’t keep going. It didn’t help that I was also battling addiction.


It was by the muddy banks of the Ping River in Chiang Mai where I found yoga. My first teacher was yoga and mindfulness coach, Rupert Jackson. There, feasted on by giant mosquitoes and inundated by tropical humidity, I experienced serenity. What a welcome relief from the overloaded, overstressed burden that life had become!


Through yoga I’ve learned to slow down, breathe, self-care, live in abundance, and be grateful. Yoga and a 12-step program are the ingredients of my ongoing recovery and wellness journey.


I describe my personal practice as invigorating, centering and transformational.


Let’s practice together.





Challenge yourself with a 60-minute Vinyasa practice focused on moving the body along with the breath.


Customised 1 on 1 sessions focused on each student’s unique needs & goals. 


Testimonials & featured stories

James is an amazing yogi and teacher. His class allows students to practice without the pressure to achieve every movement , providing options. James’ class is energetic and structures, the flow is perfect. I feel like I’ve had a proper workout after each class!
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